Yesterday I was out most of the day. Richard wanted to know if I wanted to build, and it seemed like a good idea. This was actually quite fun, just depending on what your definition of fun actually is. We worked on riveting the bottom back half of the fuselarge together which was a lot of work, but was impressive when it was done. After that we then attached the seat and baggage compartment to the rest of the fuselage, but not perminantly.

All in all the plane is getting there. There is SO much done already on this project. And there is so much left to do too.

I just saw an interesting article on converting applications from IE to Mozilla. This is a great overview of the technologies, and I will keep it in mind.

On the other side, microsoft has an article on how to serve images up with ASP.NET. This is something that is often needed, but can be harder than it looks.

But after reading this article, I found out that all I needed to do was have a page_load routine of
Page.Response.ContentType = "imagegif"

Too simple.

This morning I have a meeting to go to… It starts at 8:00… This really is too early. Argh. And after that I am home to do some coding.