I have just got back from my meeting… It was good, although I needed to install some software after the meeting. That was a real pain. It seemed that everything went wrong trying to install things.

This included WebSharing not working when you right clicked on a folder. This I found was because the web server running was not windows default one. Argh. Then another one was since the program I was installing was listening on the same ports as another program. Also I installed the wrong version of that program – one that was sending data to the wrong location.

To top things off, Internet Explorer was bringing up errors when I tried to do certain things. I could not work out why. Firstly the wrong Web Server started up on a reboot. But the most important one was the IE got really confused, and all I needed to do was restart it… But I spent about 20 minutes trying to find the reason – and restarting IE was all I needed.

Right now I have to to modify one one the programs, and then email this to my client… Then he will be happy… But why is it that sometimes just everything goes wrong?

Anyway time to do some real work…