Today I am visiting Richard to work on the plane… A break from work, but it will be interspursed with work. Yesterday was a long day and this will be a good time to relax after it… Building is relaxing? Well, maybe.

Yesterday my mother dropped in her draft of her doctorate to her supervisors at Sydney Uni. Now they need to go through it before she then sends it to all the examiners. Then they take a little while to work out if there is anything wrong, and then she besomes a Doctor of Education.

In the SMH yesterday was a strange story… Someone in Sydney hijacked an IceCream Van. At Gun Point. In the middle of winter. After Dark. In Western Sydney, away from the ocean and things like that. I just find this rather strange. And rather strange is an understatement.

What would make you do such a thing? Why? Or am I missing something here?

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