I have just done my tax. It was fairly painless… I now have to write out my group certificate, and then send it in to the Tax Office. Fairly easy really. I thought things were going to be harder. If they had not reconciled between the bank account and the MYOB file it would have been a lot harder.

Interesting story in the Post Gazette about how the USA wants to get rid of leap seconds. Basically atomic clocks are too accurate for the earth, and we need to have leap seconds every 6-18 months to keep the earth aligned with the stars. The US wants to move towards leap hours every 5-600 years. Interesting concept… Make the problem someone elses.

On the travel front, ‘Wired’ has a story about how insecure the TV systems in modern hotels are, allowing guests with a few hi-tech toys to see other peoples bills and watch any station they like – even premium ones. Also, this blog has a list of the do’s and dont’s at Disneyland. Cool list.

I have just outsoruced a project. I got a quote that I liked, and now I just need to work on getting a package of information together for the programmer. I have a few hours thanks to the worlds time zones.

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