I have just been looking at Groklaw and laughing about the mess that SCO has got itself into. Basically they thought that they would find evidence that LINUX was infringing on their copyright, and could not believe it when they could find no evidence. Looking at Groklaw once a week or so is an amusing insight into the hightech legal world in the USA.

Looks like someone at the DefCon Hacker Conference is not happy with the HackADay Web Site since it seems to be down right now (Or at least going really really slowly). This is one of the popular blogs in the technology world. They showed how someone had hacked one of the ATM machines in the conference area with the conference logo.

The MakeEZine has some photos of the Bloodhound WiFi gun, used for looking for unsecured 802.11 access points. Not sure how well it works, but the pictures look really really cool.

There is also cool story on CNN about some trial repair efforts on the Space Shuttle. The article is a good read, and describes the techniques they are trialing in case they ever need to fix a shuttle. The stuff sounds like the goop we used for the fuel tanks, only different… And I can certainly understand the issues they had with the stuff going everywhere….