I had to go into the city for a meeting today, at short notice. It was a good meeting, and means that I can do some real work tomorrow… Maybe. We will need to see how it goes though.

I read yesterday that the movie Stealth was out. You need to read the review to find out that this really was not the worlds greatest use for $130m. Thankfully some (very little) of that came to me. I did some custom hardware for the movie to test radio channels to make sure that the microphones would work at a distance. Unfortunately I did not even get to visit the set.

I got an email yesterday from a guy wanting to track 10-50 ‘Rollers’. I dont know about you but I think Rolls Royce cars when I hear that… Nice job. Unfortunately I asked since I was dubious about someone in northern Queensland needing that number of prestige cars I found out that they were steam rollers. Oops.

And on the subject of ‘Data Security’ comes this story about how a transit authority server, or 10 of them, were sold for $20 each at Auction with the information still on them, including revenue analysis for Sydney bus routes. Someone commented…

Just a quick thought; for gods sake why don’t you find the software that controls the trains, modify it … and MAKE THEM RUN ON TIME.