Today’s meeting went well – and dispite my fears it did not go all that long. I guess the meeting took about an hour, although it was somewhat late starting. Hopefully I will get some work out of this one. The client seemed really really impressed with the proposal they were given.

I am not sure when I will hear from the client but there is probably three months worth of work for the first page followed by at least two years of work following that. Basically it could turn into a really good job.

Tomorrow I will probably be working on the plane – there is so much to be done. I think we will be working on attaching the middle side skins and also attaching the longerons. This will almost make it possible to sit in the seats. I will have to get some photos from Richard and post thme here.

Oh, and I almost forgot – on wednesday I saw one of the old Pacific Power vans… It was not in all that good condition – and the logo was partially removed, but it was definitely one of the old vehicles from probably the early 1990’s. I grabbed a photo on my phone but I have not been able to get it off at the moment…