Overnight I got a quote in for one of the pieces of work – this quote was about 50% of the previous quote, so it looks like I might have a winner. The price seems fair, and I am just working out the exact scope of the project, and some architecture issues. Given the price I would guess that he would be able to quickly provide a solution.

I have just emailed the coder asking about some other things – better to get them included up front than wait until later. He might also agree to do those to get the work – who knows. The comments made by the guy seem to indicate he knows what he is doing at least.

Right now I need to log into a couple of databases to add some satellite tracking units to them. One of my clients has just started sending me data overnight, so I now have to tell the database system about these units. Shoud be easy. Just looked at the format of the message – very easy.

Anyway I had better leave and do that… More later