I went to Richard’s today to work on the plane… Rather a good time actually. Almost nothing went wrong and things seemed to work. We did not do any riveting, but did a whole lot of other things – putting bits together mainly.

We worked on the longerons today – they are the pieces of angle that go from one end of the plane to the other – and we thought that they were going to be much harder to work with. We needed to put a notch in one end and the Dremel tool worked really well on that. Without the dremel things would have been harder. We also put the side skins on as far forward as the firewall, and have the complete floor there apart from the small piece of floor under the dash.

Unfortunately we now need to disassemble a lot of what is done in the mid section, and then drill, dimple and deburr before reassembling and riveting… And by that time I think it will be time for richard to go away on Holidays.

This morning I had an email from the .AN domain. I had to do a search to find that this was in Netherlands Antilles, but this did not help me… It turns out, according to the CIA World Fact Book that this country is located in the Carribean. I will have to email them and see if I can help…