Month: July 2005

A couple of meetings today… Fun… Still, I might get some work out of the first one. I expect to be home really really late tonight – there is a lot to discuss, and I would rather the meeting be

I have been thinking of how I connect to a web service with Javascript. I did a whole lot of searching for this, and the results I found were somewhat confusing. And somewhat confusing is a bit of an understatement.

Tomorrow will be a busy one for me… I have to race off to a meeting with a client, and then quickly get to the city for a board meeting. I hope I will not be late for that meeting

Google Earth

A few weeks ago I noted I was working on some cool software. I can now tell what the software is. It is the software from KeyHole… More commonly known as Google Earth. I was originally shown this software by

One of the problems with developing software is finding appropriate icons. And othe graphics for that matter. But I am more interested in icons for use on toolbars and the like. The occasional graphic really improved the ‘Look and Feel’

Yesterday I did some programming in the afternoon… Not that I got the work done that I wanted to, but I did do some programming. And I did learn a lot about one aspect of Windows VB.Net. There are still

Yesterday was exhausting… Working on the plane. Much of the time I was underneath the bits we were working on, lying on my back, with my hands stretched up holding blocks of steel, whist wearing ear-muffs, and whilst richard was

I have just finished watching Spooks on the ABC. This is a drama based on MI5 I believe and it really was a cool show. I think the last episode I saw was 18 months ago, and I certainly like

When I was growing up, for some reason I always wanted a turtle… My father had apparently promised me one at some stage, and I never did actually get one… Not sure why I wanted a turtle, but I guess

I saw a friend today. He has just got back from Greece, and made the mistake to use GPRS whilst roaming over there for on his SIM card for internet access… He forgot to check the price before he used

In the strange world of science comes a move to re-engineer the periodic table of elements. You can see what some people want to change it to check this out which looks cool as a poster but really is not

Google has released a new product for the anniversary of the first landing on the moon, something which I can assure you I was not around to see. The maps are not bad, but you need to zoom in on

Last night I had a phone call from a friend. He asked if I could give a talk at a local PocketPC users group in a few weeks time. No Problem. They have a subject, and I just need to

I have been battleing software this morning – trying to extract an image out of an email message. After some work I have managed to do this. I am just surprised it took so long for me to do. I

I have to wonder about some people. this guy has produced his own laptop from an old Acorn computer. That takes serious – well, I am not sure what. It is just serious something. On the vehicle tracking side, comes