Month: October 2005

I saw a cute site that describes a whole lot of the technology and regulations of flying in Australia. I have a few friends with pilots licenses, and I get to hear all the jargon. What I dont get to

That is it… I definitely need a Holiday… Right NOW!!! I have just spent probably an hour wasted looking for a bug, and the problem is that I could not work out the difference between in and out. I am

I got a USB to serial converter box today – it cost $75 + postage… Charging $25+Postage from Artarmon by Express Post. I know it takes people effort to send things, but it cannot be that much. Sometimes I hate

I just got my cheque for a part of my trip to the USA. Of course the cheque is in US Dollars, meaning that I now need to send it to my credit union for them to process. This means

I am slowly getting work done… Too many interruptions. Some interruptions are fine, and stop my job getting boring, but too many cause me not to get enough work done, and having been out of the office the last two

After yesterdays weather I am surprised at the conditions in Sydney today. Things are looking good, although the reports are for rain perions mostly in the afternoon. Around canberra is not looking so good according to the weather radar. It

I have just got home… Let me explain the day I have had. Yesterday Richard flew down to Wagga Wagga, and was planning to come home today. But unfortunately the weather turned really bad. Richard decided to fly to Golburn,

I have been thinking of getting an XBOX to run LINUX for a home PABX. Looking at the amount of memory on the device I do not think that this will really be an option. Price and power consumption are

I came really really close to nasty call to the Embassy Suites in the USA whilst I was doing my BAS and my business accounts. For my USA trip I used my work Visa card to pay for the conference

I have almost finished my accounts – I am within probably 15 minutes of it. But I need a break from the numbers – They get confusing after a time. But things work out thankfully. I need to now just

More procrastination for me with the accounts and with the other work. Well, that is one way to look at things – the other is that I am tidying up my desk and office in order to get things done,

I remembered what I had to do today… Well, apart from all the normal work stuff. I have to do my accounts. That should be fun. NOT! I need to get my BAS in, and this job is a real

Whilst I procrastinate about doing anything else, here is some more on yesterday’s moving… One of the more interesting exercises was moving the plane. We had a reasonably large van to do this, and it only just fitted, and only

I am feeling a whole lot more human this morning… I really needed the good night sleep after a couple of hard days working on various projects. I can tell you that I slept really well last night. And I

Today has been a really long day. Really long. I got home probably 20 minutes ago… And since then I have had a much needed shower… And after today I did really need it. I was helping a friend move