I have almost finished my accounts – I am within probably 15 minutes of it. But I need a break from the numbers – They get confusing after a time. But things work out thankfully. I need to now just enter about 10 other items and then run the BAS report. That should be finished quickly. Then I print everything out, and promise to do this job about once a month in the future. Yeah, sure.

The SMH is reporting of a Car Theft in the UK. This would be strange had it not been the car from the Harry Potter movie. Then again, steeling a car that could not even be driven away is also strange if you think of it.

I commented earlier about the song Popcorn. I found a page that lists the versions of Popcorn Available. And listed there is the Jean Michele Jarre version from 1973. As well as a lot of horrible versions. I still think the Hot Butter version is the best.

On the health front, PBS is reporting that certain survivors from ‘The Plague’ have a gene that also kills off the AIDS virus. This is a rather interesting piece of epidemiology, since the plague is a bactera and AIDS is a virus, and there should not be any common mechanism that stops both.