More procrastination for me with the accounts and with the other work. Well, that is one way to look at things – the other is that I am tidying up my desk and office in order to get things done, and make sure that I have found all my receipts. For the business most things are placed onto a credit card making things a whole lot easier. But still there are things purchased by cash that I need to claim back from the business. And I need to keep track of those.

Popular Science Magazine has released their list of the Top 10 Worst jobs in science. This years list include ‘Nasa Ballerina’, ‘Manure Inspector’, ‘Semen Washer’ and would you believe a ‘Kansas Biology Teacher’. The latter is thanks to the trial of teaching ‘Intelligent Design’ in classrooms as an alternative to evolution.

There is a story in the SMH today about how many families with young children are waking up about 5AM thanks to daylight saving starting so late. John Howard has suggested NSW and VIC start a month earlier to line up with Tasmania. My comment: BRING IT ON.

Right now I need to get some work done… But first have a look at This TV ADD. They dropped thousands of super bouncing balls down a steep San Franscico street for a TV advert… I am not wrapped in the advert, but it does have some cool images…