I remembered what I had to do today… Well, apart from all the normal work stuff. I have to do my accounts. That should be fun. NOT! I need to get my BAS in, and this job is a real PAIN. I hate it. And for some reason I alway wait until the last minute to do the accounts too. Argh. Still, how hard can it be to enter all the receipts in [after finding them all], and then reconcile the bank account. Doing the BAS normally takes about 2-3 minutes. It is getting the data entered that takes all the time.

I went to the local shopping centre earlier – and when I was looking in K-Mart I noticed that the Crazy Frog craze has hit CD with an Album. I would have thought that people would record tracks to their phones as MP3 files or whatever to use as ring tones, meaning that downloading the tones at the stupidly high rates would not be happening any more. Obviously not. Then again, it could be that CD sales are just another piece of the marketing puzzle, bringing in even more income. After all I went and bought a copy of ‘Popcorn’ with spare change when I was there. I love the music by Gershon Kingsley, and I have never had a legal copy until now.

I do not particularly like the version by Crazy Frog, but is is OK… I love the Jean Michelle Jarre version I found a few years back on the net, but I have not been able to see it in stores. Given the number of Jean Michelle Jarre CD’s I have (I almost have the complete set), I doubt that he would mind.

On the stupid things department, I tried to use a handheld radio transmitter a bit earlier. It had been on charge for a week, and the battery was STILL dead. I could not work out what was going on. Then I opened the battery pack, and I found electrical tape between the battery and the terminals on the radio. Probably 12 months back when I went to the USA I took the radio, and i put the tape there so it could not accidently turn on in flight. And I had forgotten to remove it… OOps. Fine now… and it is rechargeing nicely…