I am slowly getting work done… Too many interruptions. Some interruptions are fine, and stop my job getting boring, but too many cause me not to get enough work done, and having been out of the office the last two days of last week, and also all of yesterday I am needing to catch up.

I am going to brisbane on Thursday, and I need to touch base with the client up there. I am not sure when I am getting back – I hope I am back friday night or saturday morning, but I am not hopeful. I will just have to see. Given some other delays there is a chance that the trip will be delayed too…

Over the weekend I was talking to someone about Pizza’s and noted that when I was in the USA recently I had dined at the “Buzz Lightyear’s Pizza Planet” from the ToyStory movie. I did not get a photo of the place on this trip, but I got one a few years back from DisneyWorld in Florida. Pizza is probably one of the better foods you can get in Disneyland, although I should note that it is not that cheap, at about US$7/slice. Still, I only needed one slice for a meal, with a large drink.

The photo is not great, since it was taken on a film camera and scanned in on an old scanner.