After yesterdays weather I am surprised at the conditions in Sydney today. Things are looking good, although the reports are for rain perions mostly in the afternoon. Around canberra is not looking so good according to the weather radar.

It looks like Australia is going to get a DO NOT CALL register for telemarketers. It is about time. I will be adding my numbers – mobile and land line to this as soon as it becomes available. It is an idea that is long overdue. I have had my numbers with the ADMA (Australian Direct Marketing Association) for a few years, and I am not sure if that does any good.

I love to ask if the telemarketers are a member of the ADMA… And they say of course they are. If they said no it would appear that they are not trustworthy. So they lie and say yes. And when I explain that they have just broken the ADMA rules by ringing and this is a violation of their code of ethics it is interesting to see them backpedal. I know that telemarketers have a job to do. I just wish they did not ring me.

The Independant has an article on 10 things that you did not know about Iran. It is a rather interesting country by all accounts, hosting more refugees than any other country on earth, and being a more tolerant middle east country by all accounts. Interesting read. Time to go… I have a lot to do…