I have just got home… Let me explain the day I have had. Yesterday Richard flew down to Wagga Wagga, and was planning to come home today. But unfortunately the weather turned really bad. Richard decided to fly to Golburn, and then found that the weather was too bad to continue. Personally I think he did well to arrive at Golburn. Anyway I happened to ring Richard just after he had landed, and offered to pick him up since the weather was really horrible, and he said he would ring back after checking the forcast.

Anyway I knew what that would be, so I started wending my way to Golburn. After all I was already further south than other people. Anyway, I drove to Golburn, and it took about 90 minutes thanks to the horrible weather. At times I needed to slow down to about 80 km/h. In Golburn I picked up Richard and his father as well as a student from Macquarie Uni who had also diverted who needed to get back to Sydney. We were able to deliver him at Berrima where he was able to get a lift back to Sydney with some friends.

We then came back up to Sydney. During this drive, I noticed at least two cars who had driven into the medium strip on the return trip. Then we managed to get into a 45 minute traffic jam thanks to an accident near the bridge over the nepean river. At least that is where we think it was since there was no evidance of the accident by the time we got there… [You know it is bad when they put up a sign saying traffic accident ahead]

After dropping the keys for the aircraft into bankstown it was time for lunch, at about 4:30… And then on to Castle Hill… I think I must have driven about 450 KM today… That is a lot of driving… I am slightly exhaused… But right now I have my feet up and it is good!