I just got my cheque for a part of my trip to the USA. Of course the cheque is in US Dollars, meaning that I now need to send it to my credit union for them to process. This means it will be a few weeks before I see the money, but they are normally pretty good with that sort of thing.

I am glad that I test my software… I was just trying to turn some lights on and nothing was happening… Hmm, I wonder what is happening. What could it be? Hmm… Time to look at the code. The sending side is fine. Lets look further. The receiving side looks fine… Almost… Look further… Oh, there it is… I receive the data and then do nothing with it. That would do it. Time to implement that feature. Not so fast – I have to change a few other files at the same time.

This is the part of the job that I hate. Time to get that work done 🙁 Time to get out the technical reference manual that I wrote and see what I wrote as a reminder for myself.