Month: October 2005

I am a bit stiff and sore this morning but generally I am fine. I am hoping that moving around a bit will help – and I am sure it will. I am off soon to help a friend move,

I am starting to feel a bit more human after having a chance to put my feet up and rest. We did do a huge amount of work and on the house and now that I am resting I am

I got home about 25 minutes back, and I have just had a chance to have a shower and now put my feet up and look at what email I have. To say I am exhausted is a bit of

Eep… I have just solved a rather bizzare mail problem with my server. I had a report from a user who noted that mail to me was bouncing. The user even went so far as to send the bounce notification

Earlier I needed to test incoming email on my server before moving a domain to it. I set up a virtual domain so that mail could be received by the server for a different domain. And I needed to make

Net-Security.Com has a story on the History of the SNORT project. For those that do not know, SNORT is a program that listens to network traffic, and uses rules to work out what network traffic should not be there, commonly

I have more programming to do today, and hardware too… I am having friday off work to help a friend move so I need to get as much as I can done before then… If you are worried about people

I did the run this morning about 9am…. And as I suspected it started to get a bit warmer after that. I did a bit further than last time, but not much more. I was getting generally exhausted by the

One thing I forgot to mention earlier is that I did go for the run about 4pm. I think I did about 2km, which was not bad since I had not been running for a couple of weeks, and given

My computer is faster I think… Defraging helped. I am actually defragging more now which should improve things a bit more now too. I have also sent some old files to the bitbucket in the sky, which created some issues

The MadPenguin WWW site has a review of SUSE Linux 10.0. Generally this review is posative of the SUSE Linux – and describes some of the features such as the NX desktop support that I had not come across before.

I will probably have a run this afternoon… Depending on the weather that is. Well, I had some hail here about 11am, and right now there are pendulous storm clounds in the distance that might cause a whole lot of

iTunes in Oz

If you visit you will see that iTunes is now available. I am still attempting to get into the iTunes Australian store, but I suscpect that since videos are A$3.39 that the local content will be $1.99 per song,

I have been busy this morning with getting some work done. No programming, but some hardware things, and some cleaning up. Stuff got thrown out, and I want to get more thrown out today. We will see how that goes.

I have just seen the latest installment of UKTV’s comedy show Supernova. As normal it is a hillarious show set in an observatory somewhere near my birthplace of Broken Hill. In some ways the show is predictable, but in an