Today has been a really long day. Really long. I got home probably 20 minutes ago… And since then I have had a much needed shower… And after today I did really need it. I was helping a friend move today, and I can assure you that it was a LOT of work. I think we actually moved about five trckloads of stuff, in addition to several car loads of things.

This was of course my friend who I am belping to build the plane with, and the moving involved moving the parts of the plane. This was both easy and hard. It was hard since the parts were all sorts of shapes and sizes, and were very sensative to damage, and easy because by wrapping most of the parts in blankets helped solve most of the issues with moving.

I have come more to the conclusion that moving is a real pain. Putting things into boxes – moving things multiple times – seaching for which box things are in – and things like that… It is generally a lot of work.

Anyway that is enough from me for the moment. Goodnight to all.