Month: April 2005

I am just taking a break from the TAX stuff. I need to report on today’s exercise. Apart from the mental exercise of the TAX/BAS stuff. The exercise I am talking about is doing sit-ups and leg raises. I did

I have been busy with some housekeeping stuff this morning. Like recording DVD’s of the 50 GBytes that I have on Hard Disks that needs to be transferred to something more permamemnt. When I do I can take some paper

Oh, well. Last night I thought I was going to sleep really well. But I woke up after about 45 minutes and could not get back to sleep for about an hour or so. Actually I grabbed a book after

I was reading a web site which suggested checking out the following email on the US mailing list called CraigsList. The subject was ‘Why Geeks and Nerds are Worth It.’. The email really is worth a read – and you

I promised that I would go running today, and I promised an update when I got back. So here I am with my heart racing typing in this update whilst taking swigs of water between keystrokes. Right now dear reader,

A little later after breakfast I am planning to go for a run. I will post here as soon as I have returned. I am feeling good, so I will see how I go. I will need to get some

Music: I was watching Medical Investigations on the TV, and the DIDO song See The Sun came on when a little girl’s father was dieing. So sad, and poignant. It is a beautiful song. The lyrics are available here. They

I posted earlier that I was planning on going running today. Well, I didn’t. I do not need to explain myself, but I will try. I went upstairs to go running, and just didn’t feel like it. I will go

A paperless office. Ha. I don’t know how less paperless my office could be. Well, I do, but realistically it could not be too much more paperless. Modern business lives on paper. Next to my desk I have a scanner,

I plan to go running a little later. As normal I am not sure how I will go. 2.5KM should be no problem. More than that I do not know. I just have to see how it goes. It is

I will probably be working on the plane on Sunday afternoon… Looking forward to seeing the new Landing Lights that Richard has picked up for it. 100W per side they are apparently quite bright. He also has some 130W units

The ATSB is the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, and is responsible for investigating aircraft incidents. They have published a report of an incident from June last year where an aircraft was damaged. The devices used to move planes on the

I have been playing satellites once again this moring. This is always fun. I have just delievered a program to send some data to a satellite and return the data to a device here on earth. My client just needs

I have just been on SKYPE with Canada… The audio part was not working so we did keyboard to keyboard. It works fairly well, but it would be better if you could see keystrokes being typed like the older systems.

A Collection of Links ScientificsOnline has a high-security toy vault that’s a safe-cracking challenge! This safe has a maze stylus for you to connect the circuits without touching the sides, a digital readout, a keypad where you can enter the