I was watching Medical Investigations on the TV, and the DIDO song See The Sun came on when a little girl’s father was dieing. So sad, and poignant. It is a beautiful song. The lyrics are available here. They talk about how the writer is trying to help a friend who has lost someone that they love. Seems to describe about half of Dido’s songs, but it does sound great. “You can wear anything so long as it’s not black… “

She is one of the many artists that I want to see in concert… I would also love to see Pink Floyd but I doubt that would ever happen… I did see Roger Waters a few years back and really loved it… I suspect that is the closest I will get…


I have been doing more work on my Tracking Software (Called TeamTrack) and I remembered that I have a copy of Microsoft MapPoint on my PC. Actually I have the USA and the EUROPE versions, and I also have parts on my PDA too from when I went around the world last year. Anyway, about a year ago I was playing with using MapPoint as a viewer for an older product. That was fine – but this is a new product, and I had not even thought about sending positons to MapPoint.

About 10 minutes work and I had things running. The functionality is very basic, with pins in the map only, and no snail trails or colour coding. But as a proof of concept it is fantastic. It is a way to show to a potential user what we can do with a small amount of time.

Anyway I think I need to get to bed. I have had a busy but productive day… Good Night to one and all. Tomorrow morning I think might get busy