I posted earlier that I was planning on going running today. Well, I didn’t. I do not need to explain myself, but I will try. I went upstairs to go running, and just didn’t feel like it. I will go tomorrow. I promise to you, dear reader that I will. I will try to do the 4km, but at least three. I will post here about it tomorrow…

With my own company, I have now appointed a distributor in Canada to sell my software. This is great news. The details still need to be worked out, but I have now got a supplier in North America. When everything is finalized I will post details here. I cannot say too much yet since they are a publically listed company and this may have a material impact on their business, in a good way of course. I am really happy. We were going to work through some of this today but they had some IT issues that needed to be resolved.

Telstra had a mobile outage today, according to News.Com.Au thanks to a machine in the Telstra Kent Street exchange failing. The machine failed at about 10:00 and came back online about 2pm. From the description in the article this was in the ‘Home Location Register’ which is an integral part of the technology that allows a GSM phone to Roam, be it to the next cell site or around the world. It contains all the administrative informtion for the subscriber including the location of the mobile on the international GSM network.

There is a site called GeoUrl.Org which is a database of Latitudes and Longitudes. It allows WebSites to say where in the world they are located, making it easier to find websites in a geographic area. That is the concept anyway. There is also a project for GPS on a Gameboy Advanced that looks interesting.