I have just been on SKYPE with Canada… The audio part was not working so we did keyboard to keyboard. It works fairly well, but it would be better if you could see keystrokes being typed like the older systems. There must be a chat like that around, but none of the popular ones seem to offer it. ARGH. Skype is not working well for us at the moment. I think it is on the Canada side. He could hear me talking, but I could not hear him.

The testing of my software is going well… One of the vehicles I am tracking has *THANKFULLY* managed to develop a mechanical problem, meaning that I can test the funcionality of my software with ease. Turns out when I looked at it that my software was not working correctly… the vehicle was though. I found a bug by mistake.

I have just rebooted my machine twice. The machine needed a reboot and restart, and when it restarted the mouse was behaving ‘eratically’. I think that is the right word for what it was doing… It would move without commands, and move my task bar onto the sides of the screen… Everything. Very strang. It has settled down. It might have been related to the touchpad overheating somehow. I have had that before – since the touchpad is heat sensative. And I have found why my software was crashing this morning which is good… In certain circumstances I was telling it to draw some coloured lines. But I was forgetting to saw what colour to use sometimes and it did not quite know what to do.

ARGH! It has happened again. Not sure why… Ahh… That is it. I plugged a GPS into the serial port and it is killing the mouse. Oh… When the computer restarted it saw the serial stream and thought that the GPS was a mouse… Well, when it moves it does tell the computer that it has moved… But that was not really what I meant. Disabling the hardware driver for the extra ‘mouse’ fixed things.

I have also found a link to a GPS Game…. It involves an iPod and a GPS… I have not looked at all the details – YET.


Lou Reed with Perfect Day… You can find the lyrics here