I promised that I would go running today, and I promised an update when I got back. So here I am with my heart racing typing in this update whilst taking swigs of water between keystrokes. Right now dear reader, I guess you are wondering how the run went. Well, that is an interesting story. I had a phone call during the run – and this was good for a number of reasons.

So how did I go… Well, 4.35 KM in 30min 20sec which is 8.6 km/h. This is a bit slower than previous runs, but this was a good speed and a good distance. I now need to build both distance and speed. I had a phone call in the middle of the run, and put it on speaker phone. This was good since it forced me to take deep breaths whilst I was running so I could talk, and diverted my attention from running too… What I found is that the run went VERY quickly.

For the fist Kilometer or so I was listening to my radio which was good. Unfortunately the in-ear earphones make my ears sore if they are put in properly. I guess I just have strange ears – or does everyone have this problem and suffer with it so that they can hear the music?

[Short break whilst I have a shower to cool down]. That is better… feel almost human now. I am sure that running is good for me. Reduces Stress and all that (although I must say that I dont think my life has been as stressful in the last few weeks as it has been. This is definitely a good thing.) Whilst I was in the bathroom I also weighed myself. It looks like I have lost about 1-2kg.

Following the run I was feeling a bit hungry so I grabbed some Thai for lunch, as well as the mail. I got some JunkMail from Western Union. I used them last year when I was paying for some more work to be done by a code I had found through Rent-A-Coder. The guy lived in Argentena – so today I got an offer from Western Union of up to five $5 gift vouchers for Myer or Optus if I introduce friends to them. Well I think that was what they were offerng since most of the item is in Spanish. Well, I think it is in Spanish.

When I was growing up I really wanted a microscope… And I got one when I was about 10. I am not sure what I wanted to do with it, but I really wanted one. Fast forward a few years, and Intel released a USB video microscope. Basically a webcam with a different lens. Fantastic. Then they removed it from the market. Well, it looks lika a new company is going to be selling it after intel sold them the product.


“That boy’s about as sharp as a pound of wet liver” — Foghorn Leghorn