I was reading a web site which suggested checking out the following email on the US mailing list called CraigsList. The subject was ‘Why Geeks and Nerds are Worth It.’. The email really is worth a read – and you can find it here. I am not sure I agree with all the items but I think it is right a lot of the time. Personally I don’t drink mountain dew so that part is definitely wrong. I have another one somewhere about engineers, and it is surprisingly similar. Well, what do you expect 🙂

I have spent about half of this afternoon on the phone to various people. One call after another. Not all was work, but most of it was. And in my line of work it is often hard to work out the difference between work and not-work. Some times catching up with people is work. Actually I think it was more than half the afternoon… More like most of the afternoon. I did not actually manage to cook myself dinner until about 8pm or so. I think I had about three hour long phone calls, and another at about 30 minutes.

Anyway it is time for bed for me… I should sleep well tonight after the run earlier I would think. I am definitely starting to droop. Good night…


Archive.Org has an old Web Page available showing the old hardware for Google. To say that they have changed in the last five years is an understatement. They now have computer centers rather than hardware on someone’s desk.