Oh, well. Last night I thought I was going to sleep really well. But I woke up after about 45 minutes and could not get back to sleep for about an hour or so. Actually I grabbed a book after a little while and did some reading – finishing off the book, making me wonder why I had bought that book in the first place. To top that off I woke up early since there was a party still going on quietly in the distance which is probably why I could not get back to sleep in the first place. The party finially finished at about 7am. It was not loud, but did have people talking and listening to the radio. Enough to disturb my sleep unfortunately.

I don’t think I mentioned this… I had a SKYPE call from a friend of mine from New Zealand. He was in Washington DC, and needed some help getting a Windows 98 machine connected to a network. After trying everything I could think of I could not get the thing working. If only I could have used RemoteDesktop to fix the problem, but that is sort of the point isn’t it… If I could do that then the network access would have been working in which case I would not have needed to do it.

Reading a web site this morning brought a story that will fill every motorist with fear – the thought of getting bogged. Except this story comes from NASA and involves the Opportunity Mars Rover which is Stuck in Sand up to it’s hubcaps. Obviously sending the NRMA, or whatever the martian equivalent is might be a bit difficult. So right at this moment NASA are thinking about the problem, and taking a lot of photos to work out what to do next.

I will post more later, of course. Right now I have some email to look at…