I have been busy with some housekeeping stuff this morning. Like recording DVD’s of the 50 GBytes that I have on Hard Disks that needs to be transferred to something more permamemnt. When I do I can take some paper for recycling, and start doing something fun with 150 old data CD’s. Long overdue. I have recorded three DVD’s already today, and I have more to be done.

The main thing I *MUST* do today is actually get my BAS done. This should not be too hard. But I say that *EVERY* time. It *WILL NOT* be that hard this time. I promose myself. Once I finish this entry I will print out my bank statement, and then enter that into MYOB. And enter in the receipts that I have got… and then get the two to reconcile. How hard can than be. After all I did do university maths…

[You might notice I said *DID*… I actually failed Engineering Maths II the first time. I will not place the mark that I got here to save myself from a public humiliation. And yes, it was in the double figures before you ask… And if anyone wonders how I could fail maths I will show you the textbook at some stage. I still do not know what they were teaching in the subject, apart from the fact that I scraped by the 2nd time, and that the subject was hard. Actually, Engineering as a degree is hard, period].

Anway, it is time for me to grab some lunch and do my tax. If you don’t see any posts for the next three weeks, just search for me under my desk in a quivering heap mumbling something about the numbers being out by three cents.