The ATSB is the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, and is responsible for investigating aircraft incidents. They have published a report of an incident from June last year where an aircraft was damaged. The devices used to move planes on the ground are just large remote control cars these days, allowing the crew to do their job quicker and with less staff. Anyway, to cut a long story short the groud crew could not get one of these units to work… Turns out they were using the wrong remote. And the car they were controlling was connected to a plane connected to the aerobridge. Some damage was done but it was fairly minor thankfully.

I got a lot of business stuff done this afternoon – well quite a bit at least. The most frustrating was trying to get some printer code to work correctly. It worked without issue. But formatting the text was a bit of a pain to say the least. There were issues all around getting things lined up. All because my client asked ‘Can you move the text over a bit to make it easier to staple together?’. That simple statement took at least an hour to fix. C’est La Vie.

On my to-do list there is to investigate about signing my software as windows sometimes warns users about software from untrusted people such as me. There is some information on this blog about signing assemblies.

My software is looking great… Very colourful and easy to use. I am getting more suggestions for features that various people want. Some of these features I have been resisting, but I think that I really need to add them into this software. Things like changing the name of a vehicle. Adding a vehicle will still very much be an admin feature in a seperate program, but changing the name and how often a vehicle reports are things that I think I will implement soon.

Tomorrow morning my client will be playing Satellite instead of me so I guess I will be stuck in the office here working. It is nice to actually get some really productive work done today too. This last week as been *SO* productive…


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