Month: August 2006

I am basically packed… I have a few things to do in the morning, but basically I am fully packed. I did have a minor horror thought that I had lost my iPod. I could not find it, no matter

Radio Shack (Tandy) in the USA has decided to sack about 400 people. The interesting part is how they did it… They sacked the people by email. That is not nice. If I was being sacked I would want to

I would love to know what mailing list I am on. It must be a doozey. The latest piece of junk mail was inviting me to a ‘PA Seminar’. I am not talking about Public Address here… I am talking

I have been thinking about the Ashes eBay thing. Getting the seat numbers is not that hard. All Cricket Australia needs to do is to buy a few tickets on eBay and cancel all the tickets that were bought at

New battery ordered for my laptop. Should be here about 5pm or so from experience. It was only $167 for a new battery. It should improve my battery life significantly. With some luck I will get to be able to

I am getting really excited about my trip. I cannot wait. So much so that I woke up at 5am this morning and as much as I tried I could not get back to sleep 🙁 So right now I

There is a report in the SMH about how Cricket Australia has cancelled a heap of Ashes Tickets sold on eBay after the purchases sold them for more than their face value. They did it since the tickets say that

Short post, but this should explain why I have been a bit slack in posting today. When I got up this morning I found that the Web Browser had no or news showing. And I was logged out

Files copied across to my laptop without too many problens. I now only have 3 GBytes of free HDD space which should be more than enough for me. I got the presentation schedule for the conference. I am down to

More things have dissapeared off my to do list which is great. Most of the remaining things are not all that urgent either which is fantastic. I still have some paper work to sort out before I go. Knowing how

YES! Items are coming off my to-do list. I cannot believe it. I have not yet added ‘pack bags’ but that one is so darn obvious that I have not even bothered to put it on. I have ordered new

Items are coming off my to do list. The world is good. not only that I have now got my Phantom of the Opera ticket – and strangely it is for the friday night performance which is really strange since

I am down to NINE unread messages in Outlook. Everything else has been filed or deleted. Sure, one of the files is ‘2006 messages’, but even so I think this is still a really really good effort. I am just

I am feeling a slight bit uneasy today – somewhat ill at ease. I just want to get out of the office and break free. I am going away on friday, and right now I just want that to happen

Last night I did not really feel up to updating the Blog. I felt really tired actually – maybe I should get some more sleep. Well, I spent some time working on the plane yesterday, and also went to the