Files copied across to my laptop without too many problens. I now only have 3 GBytes of free HDD space which should be more than enough for me.

I got the presentation schedule for the conference. I am down to do a 45 minute talk, as well as a three hour introduction session. The three hour session is a lot of work, and I am not sure what exactly I am going to talk on. This was a heap more time than I had planned on using… I am thinking of co-opting a few other speakers to come in and talk on their specialities for a few minutes during the session. This will take up time and break the session up a bit. I just need to decide who now.

News.Com.AU is reporting that the IT Goddess calendar has got a few errors. Like getting the days of the week wrong on May and October. This is a big OOps. They are offering free replacements or a free screensaver for people who purchased them.

And I have been looking at tours of the River Kwai. I have a great uncle who died there during the war, so I think it would be interesting to visit. There are a few companies offering tours which look reasonable.