Short post, but this should explain why I have been a bit slack in posting today. When I got up this morning I found that the Web Browser had no or news showing. And I was logged out of MSN. Not good. So I did some investigating, and found I could not log into the ADSL modem. Also not good. MODEM is fried. Reset it. That does not help. PING is fine but HTTP is no good. What is going on? Change a few settings thinking it had been really reset. That did not help. But at least I could log into the modem.

So I rang Westnet. No joy. They indicated that I had dropped out about midnight, and other users had too. Great. They would ring me when it was back up. Then 90 minutes rang again and they were unable to tell me much more. I had two appointments on today – one at Holroyd and the other at Pymble. So I drove over to Holroyd and home. Internet was still down. Westnet was not able to tell me much.

About 10 minutes later my network came up. Sort of. Some lights would flash but things would not work. The NAT settings were fine, but I found that the STATIC ROUTE was wrong. Set that and things suddenly start working. The network activity goes ballistic. By this stage I am running late for Pymble so I raced over there before even any of my Email came through. Now things are up and running. Perfect!