I am getting really excited about my trip. I cannot wait. So much so that I woke up at 5am this morning and as much as I tried I could not get back to sleep 🙁 So right now I feel like I should be getting a cup of coffee. Todays job is to get everything ready for the trip – the bag packed and all that sort of thing. And to see if this laptop will fit into my backpack. I have not used the backpack for a while and I have never tried it with this laptop… But given the distance I will be travelling I dont want to have to carry my normal bag. It just gets too heavy.

The Inquirer has released information about a new Small HDD Array that uses almost no power. A 120 TB rack would only use 3.2 kWatts, which for the amount of HDD space is quite minimal. Probably a bit too much for home use, but interesting none the less.

There are reports of people being refused permission to take a ball point pen onto some flights. This is despite advice saying that normal pens and pencils are permitted. Great. I love confusion.