I am down to NINE unread messages in Outlook. Everything else has been filed or deleted. Sure, one of the files is ‘2006 messages’, but even so I think this is still a really really good effort. I am just wondering how long it will remain in single figures. Not long I would suspect. Please be warned that unless you are offering me $100,000 in work, then all incoming emails will IMMEDIATELY be deleted. Without reading them. Regardless what it is about. So how will I work out if it is offering me $100,000 in work. Well, the only emails that offer that seem to be in my SPAM folder so I do not need to read those either.

Hey, I just found another email message to get rid of. Eight. Some kind of record I think. Actually I have found another two that I can delete, so it is down to about six. Wow. I just need to send out a short email message to get rid of one of the messages… Not a big problem at all.