I am feeling a slight bit uneasy today – somewhat ill at ease. I just want to get out of the office and break free. I am going away on friday, and right now I just want that to happen NOW. I cannot wait. I have a heap of things to do between now and then, but that is not the point. I WANT TO START THIS TRIP. NOW! Not on friday.

I have paid some bills today. A bit later I will order a new batter for my laptop ($167 from WES Components wholesale). Business cards to get made up. And a few ongoing projects. The important this is if these projects do not get done now I will have to do them when I am away, and that is not fun. Thankfully my to-do list is having items removed from it, although I suspect that I am not subconsciously adding items that maybe I should be. Ones that are just in the back of my mind.