Last night I did not really feel up to updating the Blog. I felt really tired actually – maybe I should get some more sleep. Well, I spent some time working on the plane yesterday, and also went to the Computer Market at North Rocks. This is the first time I had been to the market since it moved to the highschool rather than being at the Westfields. I am not sure that the move has been the best, but I guess it really had out grown the shopping centre.

Anyway it was hard not buying anything, but the thought that this time in a week I will be in Thailand where a heap of this stuff will be a heap cheaper makes it easier.

Saturday when I was out I decided to get myself a thickshake, and I actually looked at the menu at McDonalds. Dont worry, I didn’t buy any food… Just a drink. So I ordered a Coffee Thickshake. You should have seen the look on the girls face, thinking I came from mars or something. WHen she told me that they did not have coffee I chose another flavour, but I checked the menu whilst she was getting it, and found that it actually did offer coffee. Her reaction? Not my problem. So I asked to speak to the manager. He was rather amazed when I pointed it out and immediately pulled down the sign. no-one else had ever noticed.