Month: August 2006

More on Time Team at Buckingham Pallace. The Telegraph has a story on this online, and they reveal that Prince Charles is really really interested in Archeology, even to the point of knowing many of the technical details on how

So what have I been up to today? Well, firstly I went through some accounts, and sorted them out, working out which needed to be paid, and which just needed filing. Then I mowed the lawns – the first time

The Register is reporting on an interesting fraud mechanism. They managed to convince a telephone company in the USA that a phone line was faulty and to redirect it to their prepaid cellphones. Then they took orders requiring credit card

Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Now that I am calm I can describe the last few hours. Firstly pick up my mother from the Hospital where she is getting a Scan done. I left at 12:30 to do this,

Oh, yes. I have my tickets. Well, all except for the tickets to see Phantom of the Opera. It is geeting really exciting now, and I cannot wait until next Friday when I leave on this trip. I still have

I cannot believe how dumb security can be at times. According to a few sources, Qantas is forcing some people with DELL laptops to tape over the battery contacts on their computers, even if the battery is not part of

Interesting online discussion. I have just managed to get a tracking unit to work and connect to my server. It was decoded on my server and the position became an XML file. So I sent the file to a friend,

Another busy day… Things just get added to my to-do list. And nothing seems to come off it. The problem is that the things that need to come off are often unable to come off until someone else dose something,

I am even more tired that yesterday. I was planning to get an early night and then a few things conspired against that. Mostly it was the fact that I needed to send an update to a client on some

I just found out that my laptop is about to run out of warranty. I guess I need to get everything fixed sooner rather than later with it. I did not realize that it was now close to three years

My travel agent just rang with some great news. I am seeing Phantom of the Opera in London in a few weeks. Wow, that is exciting. I was not sure that I would be able to see this, but I

I love documentation – particularly when it is correct. Take the following example. The protocol for a GPS tracker I have been working with is somewhat strange. The header says that the length of the data is 105 bytes for

What a morning… It is right now just after noon and I have not had breakfast yet. And I have just sent off an email to day that the project that was pushed on to me earlier in the week

It is beginning to be one of those days. My to-do list is filling up with things that MUST be done today. For some reason it feels like a thursday more than a wednesday. No idea why. One of the

Home, Sweet Home. Long day, but I got some toys to play with so that will be fun. Too many toys… Some tracking units, a hands free bluetooth headset to play with and test. I will post more on the