YES! Items are coming off my to-do list. I cannot believe it. I have not yet added ‘pack bags’ but that one is so darn obvious that I have not even bothered to put it on. I have ordered new business cards (to be picked up friday morning in the city), emquired about visa travel money, emailed heaps of people. Heaps and heaps of people actually. There are 41 messages in my sent items for yesterday, and that is only from 10:30am yesterday.

And I have even repaired some tracking units today. All fairly simple things really, but the client will be happy to have them before I go away… I repaired some yesterday, and I did not think I would be able to get to the others before I went away. Thankfully I was able to repair a few more. Of course this was about 30 minutes after the courier picked up the first batch of them. Cest La Vie.

Right now I need to get going. There is an express post envelope with my name on it at the post office and I need to get some work done with that today.