Month: February 2006

For some reason I am but tired at the moment.. I should have had an afternoon sleep I guess but I had a few phone calls… and I did do the run which took time.. Maybe I will have an

I just did a nice little run… 4.57KM which was not bad since it was a lot warmer than I thought it was going to be… and I did it in 33min 13sec. Not a bad effort I must say,

My server is now back and running well… It was off the air for too long, but we now have connectivity again, so the world is good. The vehicles are busy dumping their history data into the database and clients

I did something new today. Something I have *NEVER* done before. I buily myself a capacitor… It is one of the three main electronic components, and I have built the other two in the past, but as far as I

I had an email overnight from a friend in the USA. He had been reading my blog, and had seen my post on dog names, and wrote to say that it ‘Reminds me of the comic Stephen Wright who named

Someone has created some cute Lego figures of the Mythbusters hosts. These figures just look so lifelike. Well, maybe not lifelike, but they certainly do look like the real Mythbusters. Any fans of Mythbusters should do themselves a favour and

I just had a telemarketing call from ‘Lifestyle Dynamics’ which tried to sell me accomadation vouchers. The call was from overseas somewhere… Not sure exactly where… They said that they were a ‘Fortune 500’ company on the Australian Stock Exchange.

For some reason I just feel that I have not got much work done today. I am sure that I have done work… It just doesn’t feel like it. I actually did not manage to get lunch today either. Argh.

My server is due back at any moment. We are just waiting for a bit of paperwork to go though and then things will be up and running again. About time let me tell you. I hate these type of

I have to be rather careful today and tomorrow with my broadband… I am over quota for the month, and since it is for business, I decided to pay $10/GByte excess usage. Right now I am about 1.5 GBytes over.

Yesterday I was watching some of Spooks, which is a BBC drama that is shown on ABC in Australia. At one point they were looking for some bad guys, and came up with a company called ‘Cardassian Financial Services’. Through

My mother heard about her doctorate today. She basically needs to do revisions before re-submitting the doctorate to be examined again. This obviously is not a great outcome, and will take some time to fix. Not good. She can appeal

The one pain of having the XBox in the loungeroom is that the XBox does not have an ON/OFF switch on the remote control. This is a real pain since it is one of the only remote controls I have

There is a whole lot of designer water products around. Probably the most over the top is O18 from a company in Chatswood. They are selling water which is derived from apples and oranges, and then purified. Sounds rather expensive,

OK… So maybe I am a bit tired… I probably just spent 20 seconds searching for the Internet Explorer window on this PC. I have 12 things running on my PC at the moment, and I could not find IE.