I have to be rather careful today and tomorrow with my broadband… I am over quota for the month, and since it is for business, I decided to pay $10/GByte excess usage. Right now I am about 1.5 GBytes over. It is a business expense, and $15 is not bad. But I need to make sure that I dont download something like the beta of Windows Vista from MSDN… It would become quite expensive.

One of my tasks today that I want to do is work on some changes to my tracker with how they operate in a networked environment – moving towards a internet stored database of where trackers should send their data. Basically using the DNS system to configure the trackers rather than storing the IP addresses in the device themselves and having them able to re-configure themselves. DNS give a single point of administration, and of course a single point of failure. But I believe I know how to manage that process.

But to do this I really need to register a domain just for the purpose of dealing with the trackers – and then need to get the DNS hosted. Should be fairly easy… But may take some work. A nice job for this morning when I get a tiny bit of paperwork done.