My server is due back at any moment. We are just waiting for a bit of paperwork to go though and then things will be up and running again. About time let me tell you. I hate these type of stuff ups. It will NOT happen again… I have some work planned for later this week to ensure that it does not!

I finally found some maps for MidTown Madness 3 on the web. There are a heap of cheats too… I decided for the little time I spend playing games that I would rather have access to all the cars than fix the tasks. So I unlocked them all, and I can assure you that it is fun driving an Audi TT in the wet in Washington DC when you don’t care about the damage to the car. In fact I seem to quickly loose the back tailgate to the car – although that might have to do with the fact that I have mastered turning 180 degrees using the brakes.

I finally now, having done some driving in the game understand the line in THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT where Anette Benning complains about being lost around Dupont Circle. In the game I have got lost working out what lane to use around that same intersection!