For some reason I just feel that I have not got much work done today. I am sure that I have done work… It just doesn’t feel like it. I actually did not manage to get lunch today either. Argh. So right now I am feeling a bit hungry… The Register is reporting about issues with Daylight Saving and the Commonwealth Games. Apparently there are some issues with microsoft patches and timezone issues.

The former owner of Domino’s has decided to start a University in florida – the first catholic Uni to be started in over 40 years. On top of this he is setting up a community around it, based on his devout catholic beliefs. There has been some minor oposition, but people are generally positive.

Tonight Commander in Chief is on TV… I know I have seen it on before, and I have it recorded, but I plan to watch it again… maybe even with ads… Should be fun. A great show.