For some reason I am but tired at the moment.. I should have had an afternoon sleep I guess but I had a few phone calls… and I did do the run which took time.. Maybe I will have an early night… I will just need to see how things go… I almost fell asleep watching some TV a bit earlier

Australia has some interesting laws. One of them requires that schools pay a license fee for photocopying, which gets paid to copyright owners. Now, there is a federal court case wanting a fee when students get told to visit a particular Web Site. Obviously the schools are not happy with this. Since web pages are designed to be accesses for free commonly this whole thing is a bit ridiculous.

Also, Montreal Airport is cracking down on laptop users using power outlets. They are claiming it is because of fire hazzards… And according to this story the authorities only backed down when it was revealed that the first class lounge people were using laptops under the same conditions… And if they forced the person to stop they needed to do the first class people and that would not go down well.