The one pain of having the XBox in the loungeroom is that the XBox does not have an ON/OFF switch on the remote control. This is a real pain since it is one of the only remote controls I have ever come across without a power switch. I guess this is because the remote receiver is a USB device and therefore does not get powered until the device is turned on. And there is not much way to fix this unfortunately. Not even with major hacks… Strange really, since this is the pnly issue I ahve with the design. [Well apart from lack of memory on the XBox and some things like that]

I heard about a new product… I will not be betting the family fortune on this one – I would not even bet all the money in my wallet on this one – it is, would you believe a toothbrush a replacable tip so that you dont need to replace the handle when the brush needs replacing. This might make sense if the handle of a toothbrush was not so cheap, but why bother.

And in the UK, someone is selling a number plate on eBay for about 9000 pounds. The license plate is ‘HN51 FLU’, but there is a minor problem. Bird flu is actually ‘H5N1 FLU’, so the poor seller slightly dyslexic… Oops. I seriously doubt that there are that many people who would even want the correct license plate.