I had an email overnight from a friend in the USA. He had been reading my blog, and had seen my post on dog names, and wrote to say that it ‘Reminds me of the comic Stephen Wright who named his dog “Stay” just to mess with his mind — “Come, Stay”.‘. I dont think I would be that mean to a dog myself… After all, Dogs may rule the world one day.

The Risks Digest details some of the issues with using computers, as I have mentioned before. There was a report in the latest issue noting that students at Canterbury University had their personal details exposed online. Unfortunately this report was submitted by someone in Australia, and the editor had assumed that the Uni was in Australia and ammended to article in that way. OOps. And the report referenced a New Zealand Herald report so that should have been a clue.

I could have slept better last night… I woke up at 3AM and I could not get back to sleep for ages… So much so that I came out to check my email (boring) before going back to bed… I think the email actually bored me back to sleep… Not to friends. Please do not send me really exciting emails in the middle of the night if you think I might not be unable to get back to sleep… It will only make things worse… 🙂