Month: February 2006

I love this… This site allows you to do your own Einstein Blackboard Scene!

Today I spent the day working on the plane – we worked on getting the steps installed so that we could actually get into the plane since it is somewhat off the ground. This was a task that we expected

According to PR Newswire, Apple has sold it’s billionth iTunes song in less than three years. The billionth song “Speed of Sound” was purchased as part of Coldplay’s X&Y album. I have purchased one or two songs on iTunes to

I forgot how tiring playing the XBox is… And how addictive it is. The only game that I have is ‘Midtown Madness 3’, and although I do not play it all that often, I am getting a bit board of

I hate phone companies at times. When they work it is fantastic. When it does not… Well. You know. Right now I am waiting for a phone company to return a network connection to a server. They ‘accidently’ disconnected an

I have been reading the SMH and it appears that the Ravens at the Tower of London have been placed into quaranteen to protect them from Bird Flu. What interested me was the names – Branwen, Hugine, Munin, Gwyllum, Thor

I just had a strange one on a server. A TCP service that I wrote somehow crashed overnight. Not sure what happened, but the TCP service basically stopped accepting any information. What was worse, restarting the service would not stop

I did go on a run this afternoon – and I did reasonably. I ended up running about 4.7 or 4.8km all up. I think I did it in a fraction under 35 minutes which is not too bad. I

Sometimes it would be cute to have a themometer in the office. Provided you are not concerned about the power usage. This project creates a DVD with a number of pictures each containing a temperature and some graphics. They are

I am looking at doing another run this afternoon. The weather looks fairly good for it, and I am not feeling too bad. I dont think I will be able to go another 7km, but five should be little problem

One of my clients wants to export vehicle data out of my TeamTrack application to a text file for some reason. Not sure exactly why, and I am not sure I am allowed to know why. Anyway, There is a

I have just finished bringing my accounts up to date; the second half of the accounts were a whole lot easier than the first half. I am not sure if that is because I just was up to speed, or

I heard a good joke today… Did you hear about the extroverted engineer? He looks at your shoes when he is talking to you. According to News.Com.AU, AAPT suffered another blow, with a massive network outage halting fixed-line services in

I have just spent probably three or four hours doing my BAS. Am I finished? Yes. No. I have managed to get it finished to the end of the calendar year, but I still need to do the data entry

I have not had much success getting my BAS done. I did log into my account and get the bank statement downloaded and printed out, but that is all that happened unfortunately. Some other things came up, like getting trackers