Month: December 2005

It is so beautiful up here on the central coast. I am in a house on the lake, and the breeze has been really nice. It did get slightly warm, but when the north-easterly breeze came things cooled down nicely.

I am now on the central coast… I know that my blog will be saying something different, but right now I am having to update that by hand since I do not have a tracker in my car at the

Yesterday when I took some cardboard and scrap metal (old computers) to the recyclers I dropped in at some shops to try to buy a cruise control unit. Try is the opperative word there unfortunately. I dropped in at Supercheap

A site has been established for an internet connected weather station. It is based on the Netgear NSLU2 network storage applicance which can be purchased cheaply world wide. By attaching a Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire Weather Station it sends the weather

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that when George W Bush finishes up in a few years after eight years they will hand over about 100 million email messages. This type of thing is creating a huge issue for the

Last night I was watching the news I saw the results of the Sydney to Hobart race. They mentioned that the yacht AAPT had destroyed it’s book making it to hobart, at a cost of $80k. They also noted that

I have had a really busy day today. This morning I did a few things around the house; jobs that really needed to be done such as replacing some shade cloth on the greenhouse, and replacing a nozzle in the

Right now it is about 5:40AM and I have been awake for about 90 minutes I would guess. I woke up just after 4AM and I could just not get back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. So

Driving home I was thinking more on the odds of the Kentuky lottery. To pick the three numbers in order is one in a thousand. That is assuming that it is totally random for each number, and that a number

I found something interesting today… I was looking at the web site for Brazin, and found that they not only own In2Music and Sanity, and have some interests in Virgin music, but they also own HMV. The HMV is the

I was thinking of going for a run this morning, but I had a choice between doing that and doing some paying work, and the paying work won. After all, being self employed I still need to make a living,

The BBC has a story noting that a survey has shown that Star Trek is the most missed series from TV. It is followed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends and Fawlty Towers. They are also reporting news being conducted

More working on the plane today. So what did we get done, and what did we not get done? Well, firstly, we got a lot of the side skin riveted on attached to the forward metre or so of the

It looks like Australia is going to get a non-cable TV video on demand download service thanks to QuickFlix, according to the SMH. This would be a real service to those with fast unlimited internet connections, but I have some

I was having problems this morning downloading my mail, and logging into my server to do some work. I could not work out what was going on. Things just seemed slow – I was using WiFi, but everything else seemed