I am now on the central coast… I know that my blog will be saying something different, but right now I am having to update that by hand since I do not have a tracker in my car at the moment. And right now I do not know what the Lat/Lon is so I cannot update things. Sure, I could work out where I was from looking at a map, but frankly I have better things to do right now. The drive up was fairly good. The only hassle was people doing 80km/h in the right lane on the F3 in the 110KM/H zone, but that is to be expected really. Traffic was not too bad either, but I am guessing that people will be coming up later, or came up yesterday.

I need to learn to stay away from record stores. I picked up a copy of a Tori Amos CD on special, and a also a Sophie Ellis Bextor one… I had been meaning to get the former since it was released. The latter I did not even know was available. Thankfully it was on special too.

Before signing off, there is a story about the NorWest precinct in the SMH. It details some of the design features of the area like lots of parking hidden by trees and loading docks hidden from the steet.