The BBC has a story noting that a survey has shown that Star Trek is the most missed series from TV. It is followed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends and Fawlty Towers. They are also reporting news being conducted in Scotland which is looking at answering the question , and I quote, ‘does my bum look big in this?’. Four female models with various sized bottoms will wear different types of clothing as part of the research. The study will examine how designs, colours, patterns and fabric types affect perception.

Stripes in different directions are well known to affect the perception of weight and height. Patterns and colours are likely to affect perception in subtle ways too, as will the style of the clothing and many other factors. Correlating the results will be interesting to say the least.

According to Yahoo, Saudi telecom has stopped the SMS vote for Arab talent show. Saudi religious scholars last May condemned the hugely popular talent show aired by Lebanese channel LBC as a crime against Islam when a young Saudi returned to a hero’s welcome after winning in the Lebanese capital Beirut. “The decision was taken last night because of a fatwa (religious decree) issued last year, since the program is culturally inappropriate,” spokesman Humoud Alghodaini said.

I was re-reading the National Film Register’s new entries, and noticed the one for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Part of their comments in the press rerease are ‘Words to remember: “It’s astounding, time is fleeting, madness takes its toll.”’. Rocky Horror has some interesting actors in it – Barry Barstow who plays the Mayor in Spin City across from Michael J Fox, and also Susan Sarandon.