More working on the plane today. So what did we get done, and what did we not get done? Well, firstly, we got a lot of the side skin riveted on attached to the forward metre or so of the side skin. This involved me sitting inside an upside down plane wearing ear muffs whilst richard was on the outside slamming in rivets with the rivet gun trying not to get a migrane. Sure, I have never had one, but I think now that I have some idea of what one might be like. Ear Muffs help, but when you can hear the radio in the background, you know that they only offer some protection.

Then after lunch we started on the floor, and getting it secured. More of me sitting in the middle of the plane, more coping with the hammering from the outside. This was fine until we got to the point on the plane where the floor attaches to the bulkhead that holds the wings on. Most of this was fine, but there were a few rivets that were absolutly horrible to hit. They would not behave at all. They simply would not work. Richard eventually sat inside using a small chissel whist I was the one outside making the noise. This worked mostly, apart from a single recalcitrant rivet that just would not go in! We ended up having to remove a bolt using a bizzare extension for the spanner to get access. In the end it worked. Tomorrow the plan is to get enough done to turn the fuselage over and make it into a huge cannoe, albeit with significant holes.

And in an important piece of technological legistlation, News.Com.Au>News.Com.Au is reporting that the there are amendments to the copyright act being made to allow recording to MP3 players and video recorders legally.

Finally, the Library of Congress has released it’s list of this years 25 films for the US National Film Register. They have added ‘Toy Story’, ‘Rocky Horror’, ‘The French Connection’ and ‘The Sting’. Not a bad collection of films…